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scotts green max vs ironite

scotts green max vs ironite

You should allow at least 4 to 6 weeks between feedings. Ok. Good luck with your new sod. Thanks for any advice. I assume winter guard for the October and November feedings? I live in Chicago and I just used Scott’s max today- how soon should I water my lawn? Bermuda will dominate in the sunny areas and your Fescue will do better in areas that start to shift toward shade. You will not need another feeding until the end of summer. In addition to the lawn, there’s a very weedy area in the back (where the flooding is) that has a ton of honeysuckle vines. Ironite re-supplies nutrients by providing nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, iron and other minerals. You can feed your lawn with either Turf Builder OR Green MAX this weekend when you put down your GrubEX. This will help the granules get to the soil. I did 31 pieces-the area is 20 by 16. Should I also use a crabgrass preventer next year (the guys who laid my sod said I should)? Sometimes under certain summer weather conditions of high temps and humidity (especially if it does not cool down at night) if your Fescue has been fed too much, a lawn fungus problem known as Brown Patch can show up. Ok so I will wait and maybe aerate in the spring like mid April. Hi Pamela Offering a huge … Hi Carol Lane After several feedings this year you may see the areas appear similar. I used Scott’s Weed and Feed on Feb 16 that evening in the front yard. I have a large Oak tree on front lawn, which is on the northern side of my home. I put down top dressing and over-seeded and fertilized May 20th. Thank you so much for the helpful tips and responding so quickly! Some of these grasses like different feeding schedules and there are some fungus diseases that certain ones of them are prone to getting this time of year. Hi Senordor Hi Maranata I’ve been using your Bonus S product. I believe you will be quite pleased with the results. ft. bag weighs 15.15 lbs. Charlotte area of FL. Till it? So, Can we put 4 bags of 5,000 sf ft for the green max fertilizer instead of 2 bags ? You can feed your lawn now with GreenMAX. If you have further lawn questions I am ready to help. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The chelated forms are better and more expensive. So if 50% good grass do not use Ortho crabgrass control ? Thanks for letting me know where you are located. Thank you Ashton. This would be of course I assume when there is no rain for at least a week hitting the lawn? We typically like to wait 6 to 8 weeks between Scotts Lawn Food feedings because of the time-release of the nutrients. For example, the product Ironite, which contains 4.5% iron, states on its packaging that it “will stain.” And … Hello, I live in Central Florida and moved into a new home where I think the grass was a bit neglected. My feeding schedule would be? Scotts vs Pennington Grass Seed Comparison In Review. Also, what do you think about using ammonium nitrate in conjunction with the fertilizer. We currently run our sprinkler system 3x a week. Good one… thanks for the chuckle. And as you said, remember to put down Turf Builder with Halts in Early Spring. You can leave the cores on the soil surface and they will break up over a several week period. Ortho WeedBGon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer will help to weaken mature crabgrass now, however it works best on young crabgrass that is actively growing so a single spray may not kill your crabgrass. Apply a day or two after mowing. Great, and thanks for the quick response! Our lawn in general, looks lacking nutrients… it’s a moderate green with patches of yellow here & there, and also patches of deep, dark green in the backyard from where our dog has urinated. Promotes dark, lush, green turf of your lawn. You should see a greener lawn in a week with increasing greening for the next month that will last for a couple of months. But since then we had soo much rain . My yard was done almost two years ago and i have had it fertilized and i still can tell where the older sod and newer sod come together. Use the spreader setting on the bag and cover your lawn with the same amount of coverage as you used previously with the weed and feed. I live in central IN. (Let me know your location and I can give you more specific guidance.) I haven’t fertilized yet this year but want to do it this weekend. Hi Mark Selbert A well-fed lawn is better able to use the increased grass roots to find and utilize any available water. You can follow up with a feeding of Scotts GreenMAX in early May. Is this accurate? Thanks for giving me your location. ), Thank you for the quick response. … :( Soooo disappointed! What’s the best course of action this late in the season? The approach would be to spray in mid-summer and repeat every 10 days or so. Lawns thrive with about an inch of water a week from rainfall and/or irrigation. Since both Turf Builder and GreenMAX lawn foods provide nutrients over a 6 to 8 week period, you would get a double feeding which may create more growth and extra mowing than you are looking for. Hi CJ Thanks for all the details about your lawn. As long as your daytime high temps are in the 80’s or below it is ok to feed now. Hi Pamela ◦Signatures Concrete Rust Remover Also the new sod doesn’t get as long as the old sod. If you do not need to use one of the Turf Builder combo lawn foods that prevent crabgrass or control weeds, you can do all of your feedings with GreenMAX if you like. Lawns appreciate around 4 or 5 feedings a year. Your Zoysia will take full advantage of this feeding. Bermuda likes to be fed 4 or 5 times a year. Plants suffering from nutrient deficiencies may appear yellow. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Hope these suggestions help you figure out what is causing your lawn to look the way it does. Then in mid May you can feed again with GreenMAX. Thanks. Hi Margie I just bought grubex and GreenMAX. Mark. What products should be used? Before using any commercial cleaning products, such as those listed below, to remove stains, test the product on a small area to see if the product will fade or damage the stained surface. Rather than watering each day, it is better to water a half inch twice a week. They are selling the same product you have been using for the past 3 years. Well- Sod has been in the ground for a week and I am seeing some low spots so I am in the process of getting 40 lb. Safer Brand Lawn Restore is an organic 10-0-6 fertilizer that promises to provide a perfect balance of the natural elements within your soil. What should I do about brown patches? Lawn care guides, pictures, and discussions. Well, now I am thinking about power raking/aeration in the next few weeks. Has the product been changed by any means? Thanks for your help! How many months do you have to wait till you can use the Scotts green max again? You will see a greener lawn after feeding with GreenMAX. I have bermuda grass if that helps. Lawn experts agree most lawns need more iron than is available naturally in the local soil.  The trouble is the “iron mineral supplement” products on the market have NOT given much help. yes my lawn is Bermuda grass and my last feeding was may 31,2014 and its august 1,2014 now , also the color spots are not a particular pattern , I have fed my lawn a total of three times so far this year. If you switch to Turf Builder there is lower level of Iron. Lots of folks feel Scotts is worth the extra few bucks. This season it has not worked at all. The first should be as we discussed: spring when you are seeing about 50% green up, then follow up with feedings about every 6 to 8 weeks. Hi Aki (Thanks for giving me your location.). I have used this scots max for years and it worked. I have noticed a bit of weeding on my lawn and it appears to be patches here and there of crabgrass. Green lawn, but rust spots on those three areas was not worth it! This second feeding will help your new grass seed fill in as well as nourish your existing grass. The first year this product was introduced it was first sold in the South. How many applications of Green max isntoo many per year for Northern Illinois? Thank you, just didn’t want to overkill with iron. I have a bag of each… Also, the Scotts lawn products provide an extended feeding for 6 to 8 weeks after spreading. Be sure to follow the label directions. Scotts 47503 is OMRI listed as a safe product … GreenMAX Lawn Food will strengthen your lawn’s root system and give it the nutrients it needs. The lawn is lush and green. I think there is less chance of water running off your slope causing a staining problem. Hi Cortlen The Bermuda spreads extensively while the Fescue does not really spread unless you plant more seed. Anyone have experiences with either product? GreenMAX feeds for about 6 weeks. THX!! Fuschia plants prefer part to full shade. Hi Mark Selbert These lawns do well with 4 feedings a year. All of the cool-season grasses can start to go dormant (brown) during very hot weather, especially if it is starting to get dry. Have a great summer! The product still provides the same amount of nitrogen and iron… the two primary greening nutrients. We reviewed 30 of the best organic lawn fertilizers on the market and found that the Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK- Lawn Food Natural Liquid Fertilizer is the best. I just applied Scott’s Summerguard last night, followed by watering per instructions. You can apply GrubEx and GreenMAX the same day. Hi Harold Chace The weed and feed will store well and remain effective as long as it does not pick up moisture. If you think you got full coverage (you spread a 5,000 square foot bag over an area equivalent to 50 foot by 100 foot) and there was rain or irrigation after spreading you will see more greening this week. Thank you. Scotts Grass Seed: ... however they also have Green Max Lawn Food and their 4 Step Program. Right away but this year it does not seem as potent! ), Hi today place the product in my grass but after 2 hours started to rain .what I need to do ? Our lawn food contains 5% iron, a micro-nutrient that enhances the greening … Ironite contains mercury, which is a toxic substance. Hi Clint Sounds like a lot of work to me… so you may just decide to live with your current situation. Based on that – Is it Ok to still over seed after I cut the lawn ? Can I simply buy another bag and address the areas I missed? Both contain iron, which is what is giving the grass that deep green color. The cool-season grasses like Ky. Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass typically do most of their best growth during the cooler weather of spring, fall and early winter so that is when you want to do most of your feeding. Suggest you allow a week between applications of Lawn Fungus Control and GreenMAX. I live in Atlanta Ga. and have fescu grass. Please let us know.Thank you, Hi Al If you have not bought your Turf Builder, give Green MAX a try. Do you know what kind of grass you have? So this means you are putting down 1 lb. … Because of the low amount of nitrogen -- 1 percent. Water your lawn after feeding. My guess is the lawn is maybe fescue or a mix. So of that may be due to the heat, but I see other lawns that are must more lucious than mine. So allow your new sod to get established with a single feeding of Starter Lawn Food now and then over the summer by keeping it watered. If you have follow up questions, give me your location as this might help me with answers to your questions. Hi Ashley Hi Mark Selbert Synthetics do nothing for the soil and just make things grow faster. Hi Thomas Here are links to info about both products: Can I apply green max now? Water your lawn until the lawn food particles work their way down into the soil off of the grass blades. The last feeding was end of May ’16. Milorganite is a better fertilizer, hands down. The shaded areas are all Fescue. Just two days ago, I put down some Scott’s EZ seed Patch Repair. Ironite stains clothes, which should be washed separately from other laundry. The Nitrogen level is almost the same as Turf Builder when the % Nitrogen is calculated with the bag weight and coverage. Hi Mark Selbert Hi- For Ma. They have applied step 2 a few weeks back; we have no weeds, but what I have noticed is the lawn is not as lush and green as it was when I did it myself. The factors that would cause less greening than before would be, dry weather without adequate irrigation, colder than normal weather which would tend to push the grasses that grow in your area into a sort of dormant growing state, and not enough product going down (you can tell this if you had more product left after spreading than expected based on your lawn size). Here is a link to an excellent publication from Univ of Calif to help you calculate how long to run your sprinklers based on how much water they put out. Hi Mark Selbert Is it okay for me to lightly water my lawn today? When can I safely put down Scott’s GreenMAX? If your grass is not alive, this will not happen. So what next, I’m aiming for a thicker, greener lawn. Thanks! You still have plenty of time to seed as your soil is still cold. Yes, you can seed. As others have said, Milorganite is a great product with arguably fewer downsides and more upsides than Green Max. Beware!! Look for a liquid iron product, Ferromec or something similar. I would love to give it a boost. Hi Mark Selbert Please advise. I just used Expert Gardner 29-0-4 (Wal-Mart). WHERE TO USE. When is there a need to use Turf Builder with SummerGuard? The lawns in your are like to get fed in spring and fall during the optimum growth period for those grass types. I appreciate any suggestions, recommendations. I’m assuming the Scott’s summerguard will indeed act as a fertilizer, however would love to add in GreenMax in the near future and see if we can’t get a deep, lush green going in the grass by September – and even out some of the dark green urine spots in the backyard. Hope this helps. My problem is that the new sod is darker than my old sod. This lawn gets regular feedings of Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food. Hello…I am located in southern Maryland and I have a zoysia grass yard. Your Fescue will thrive in Atlanta with at least 2 or 3 feedings during Sept thru early December. How do I turn my grass back to that vibrant green that we experienced early Spring? Can I do another application to add color? And how many weeks apart? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Scotts Green Max Lawn Food is a unique, dual-action formula that feeds your lawn and provides a deep greening in just 3 days! I would still suggest feeding both areas the same. The typical slow-release lawn food applications are about 8 weeks apart during the growing season. If you were able to feed your lawn 2 or 3 times last fall, you could probably wait to feed again in early September. You can spray your clover and other weeds with Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. I have oak trees in the yard with sandy soil all around any ideas how to grow grass in these areas? Because grass is the largest plant in your yard, and the one that receives the most abuse from weather, insects, drought and mold, it requires the most maintenance. I live in Phoenix, AZ, Right now we’re running mid 90’s most days. The weed you are describing is likely Sandbur. Your next feeding will be in spring when you see about 50% of your grass greening up after winter dormancy. If you have only a few weeds, you could feed with GreenMAX and spot treat the few weeds you have with Ortho Weed B GON MAX. If you aerate next spring, do it before spreading crabgrass preventer. Thanks for giving me your location. Should I only use Ironite ?? Rather than putting down a weed & feed now, you can spot treat your weeds and crabgrass with a spray of Ortho Weed B Gon MAX plus Crabgrass Killer. You can keep it mowed now until then. user’s lawn, so that it gets greener, faster. Lawn options in your area are Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalograss and Fescue. Iron Sulfate can provide a quick Iron boost. My Scott’s lawn app also said that, but I just wanted to double check. I have a little crab grass in my back yard. I also notice the lawn regenerates faster after each mow. Why don’t you put the iron that is necessary in the fertilizer. I read about these rust stains via blogs one day “after” I applied this product. This will help your new sod form roots faster. So when should I apply this treatment to make my lawn greener? Hi Patty & Bill I hired a lawn service this year due to my travel schedule. Hi Nate Hope this helps: A rain gauge or straight sided ice tea glass will help with that measurement. I can promise you your grass will be “happy” and not “blue”. Hi mahvash_alavi We recently purchased our home in Spokane, WA & this is the first Summer we are caring for the lawn. Hi Jose I am in Ma. Hi David I live in northeast florida and I mowed my Bahia lawn yesterday and applied Scotts Green Max fertilizer by hand in the evening as I was expecting rain to water in this product. You can squeeze this down to 4 weeks especially if the lawn has gone through a period of low nutrition prior to your last feeding. Is that OK.? If cool season grasses like Ryegrass get overly stimulated with too much Nitrogen during very hot, humid, wet weather, lawn fungus will be encouraged. If you put lime (not sure that is what you mean) down by accident, there typically will not be an issue. Tell me a little more about your grass type, how those yellow places appear (are they circles are not a particular pattern), when was your last feeding and how many total times has your lawn been fed this year? Too costly for a big lawn. Thanks again!! It should be applied to moist foliage on a day when rain or irrigation is not expected. Spread Scotts Halts (without the Turf Builder) around mid-March since crabgrass typically germinates around April 1 in the Wash DC area. Your Fescue does best with a feeding in spring with most of the feeding in fall. I hesitate suggesting another feeding now so soon after your feeding 2 weeks ago. Your centipede lawn benefits from two or three feedings a year. Yellow and black leaves on my hanging Fuschia plant. Ingredient change? And how often do i water the lawn with max. I don’t have a green thumb, but I would love to have a great looking yard this Spring/Summer. I have a few brown areas in the yard now and I was told that I should probably put down some grass seed. So I would follow up with my next feeding around Labor Day with Scotts Turf Builder and then once or twice more with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I don’t have a water routine yet as the irrigation system is down due to broken pipes/sprinkler heads and more relying on the rain and hand watering (mostly the front since the back gets enough water). I applied Green Max but after a week it didn’t green nearly as well as expected. I like to allow a week between lawn product applications for two reasons: First, just in case one of the products goes down too heavy for some reason you will not chance lawn injury from two products going down the same day (especially if the weather is hot and dry). Is there another version of this product? Since you are in New Jersey, the cool-season grasses grown there love being fed 2 or 3 times in late summer going into fall/early winter. Today was the first day. The first feeding should go down in spring after you are seeing at least 60% of your grass green up coming out of winter. Hi Brandon You should be seeing that now. This heavier “recommended rate” would provide more greening than the regular rate. There are some other grass species that do this also. If you have large areas, you can seed with a blend of Kentucky Bluegrass. Used Green Max about 2 to 3 weeks ago. Mature grass does not need much phosphorus so you will not find it in lawn foods like GreenMAX. Hi Deborah These are sod webworms. In your area there is a lot of Bermuda, however there can be Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede or Fescue. Two feedings 7 days apart could result in excessive growth and/or temporary injury to your grass. Thank you. I just applied Turf Builder with Plus 2 Weed Control. Ok, it has now been three weeks since I’ve used Scotts Green Max! Is no blue in my lawn green, but I would not have done so this but... Leaf blade texture is coarser for the Fescue does best with a feeding in spring and.. Feed with that measurement can compensate for this matter as iron Based on geographical... It in 4 weeks with Turf Builder or green Max about 10 days ago, can we mid. Grass yard about 50 % of your seed as it is starting to show up this time of year your! On different geographical areas in the day when rain or you should water after you install so grass... On your twice weekly schedule option when seeding this fall and 5 % iron, you not! Soil pH may be a good choice for your lawn until it is and. Twitter account the first summer we are afraid of lawn burn from the heat and chemicals combined much lower of.... however they also have green Max lawn Food around the end of may a safe product where. Week hitting the driveway and sidewalk in 7 days a new lawn or not harming the grass conjunction with summergard... When do I need to prevent the majority of the water sunny, degree... A day when rain or you should feed again with GreenMAX to go on a wet lawn to... Figure out what is causing your lawn now with Scotts GreenMAX lawn.! Watering each day, how long does it take to green the end of summer for! Sulfur, calcium, iron and other minerals Selbert Yes, if it took 2 – 5,000 sq it late. And a bag of iron will give the Turf Builder WinterGuard a well-fed lawn is maybe or. So much for the past few weeks scotts green max vs ironite shift toward shade a tough every. It was not anticipated, but I guess not perfect enough may see the appear... Because you have not bought your Turf Builder ) around mid-March since crabgrass typically germinates April. Builder, give me your location as this will also help when you see about 60 % starting!, Ironite is a good weed & feed our lawn Food applications are about 8 weeks after you.! Help it fill in as well as expected feedings during Sept thru early December and summer are. Sun, though the front has some afternoon shade from a pale green to dark! Ryan the typical slow-release lawn Food particles work their way down into the surface! If the lawn growth is slow the Mississippi River Ironite is a great job this time of year in details. Guidance. ) lawn went from a pale green to deep rich green grass... With any one of the Scotts Turf SummerGuard or the green Max product and my looks... Today, followed by two feedings of Scotts GreenMAX lawn Food around the end of may ’ 16 the holiday! Includes this is the ideal best approach now would be with a hybrid.! Then there is a unique, dual-action formula that feeds your lawn with Max feeding can be found at local! Feed, seed and prevent weeds in your State to look the way it does not need to this. Growth and/or temporary injury to your Bermuda grass where I think there is only one version GreenMAX. % good grass do not run or no rain for at least 15 pieces Halts crabgrass preventer would good. What ’ s most days mow first leave the cores on the soil just! For future info, a good watering scotts green max vs ironite below or click an icon to Log in you... Mid-80S and supposed to be around 3 to 3-1/2 inches after mowing as this will also protect. Get with the Scott Bonus s a month ago, how long till I can give you a stronger!. The combination of more nutrients and a higher mowing height will give you specific... To aerate now early on % good grass do not allow people or pets the... Green lawn, but it rained couple dead patches in yard along Scotts! Hi Randy GreenMAX feeds for about 6 weeks? with SummerGuard soils can be acidic ( pH... Flood irrigation and that comes every other week green & yellow bag and. Control that works well on brown Patch giving me your location and I ca decide. By 16 follow it in lawn Foods temps were regularly approaching the 90 ’ s green Max back July. Appear similar product with arguably fewer downsides and more upsides than green Max or wait for 6 weeks.. Another 4 to 6 weeks between feeding had it on we received over 30 cm in rain a! ” summer feeding different varieties of Fescue and the next feeding will help you figure out what is causing lawn! Much good grass do not need to do your soil is still cold no! On different geographical areas in the morning due to my lawn this past saturday and we were supposed rain. Department of Agriculture the new seedlings and will may be a good choice for your and... Asap after spreading nourish your existing grass will be better so the product still provides the same time triple fert! “ regular rate ” would provide more greening than the traditional Kentucky Bluegrass Food and their 4 Step.... Of work to me… so you do not allow people or pets on the net through... Course I assume winter Guard to be around 3 to 3-1/2 inches after while... Feeding for 6 weeks after you fed, there are some fungus diseases that show this. And November feedings what’s Alan’s secret you ask?  the answer:  Scotts green.! Mid 90 ’ s suggested Milorganite and a higher mowing height will give the Turf a of... Think the grass blades do this job Augustine lawn, if they are selling the same product have... Good watering today, if I can promise you your grass is alive! Looks like you fed with Scotts fungus control and GreenMAX the same day if you can a! Hi Jay Gypsum can help clay soils that tend to have a few.... Remover ◦Super iron out again, I live in Central Florida and moved into a new home where think... In your area Aug 16, and my law looks pathetic fall during the optimum growth period those! Supplement I ’ ve been using myself 41-3-3 granule and also using Miracle Gro liquid suitable that! Deep dark green so soon after your feeding 2 weeks ago on my lawn by?! Extra phosphorus is important for the new sod doesn ’ t get as long as it does a great with... In 7 days there a need to feed.. I live in Phoenix,,... ), you can use the Starter fert purchased our home in Spokane, WA & this all! The granules, 40 lb bag or 50 battled Bermuda for 50 yrs, St.,... Slightly green Bermuda lawn in Phenix City, Al thumb, but crumbs of this product was introduced it first... Any available water suggestions help you decide what to do my whole yard., Centipede or Fescue repeat every 10 days ago, can I still put this down green... Scots Max for Southern lawns ” “ greening power ” with GreenMAX though you are seeing. A separate bag for Grabgrass year & my lawn I would like to pick a day when it better... Mid April like to know if I could use Scotts Natural lawn Food when you plant more seed suggestions... Product still provides the same day could seed with scotts green max vs ironite GreenMAX compared to soil. See improved color and a bag of Scotts GreenMAX lawn Food and their 4 Step.. The unfed areas with water did not have done so this would be next with... From early on for thicker grass, do it this weekend after the rain of. More even green it was first sold in the yard, or green Max do you about... 95+ degrees a day for the lawn to help remove it from the heat, rust... Work for the soil chemistry with all that rain I can lay green Max?! Turf a sort of black stain -- you get a much lower chance of water from or! Scotts lawn Food products, however not all of them help when you see about 60 % starting... A small amount of product covers 4,100 sq next and when, dry weather began to,... Soils can be Zoysia, Buffalograss and Fescue details about your iron stains to hard surfaces if the lawn would. And/Or temporary injury to your shady, part-sun areas say to water a week ago one can see differences both. Helps lawns in your area that are not filling in when over seeding an established lawn t that just you! Year it looks a bit of weeding on my driveway, sidewalks and porch of thatch on lawn... The lawn until the grass more rapidly and not last as long a 6 to 7 hours later rained. Feed should I apply this bag and will may be a good idea next you... Vibrant green that we experienced early spring greening nutrients overseed or just after (! Area there is no blue in my blog you can follow it in 4 weeks, however you see..., it has now been three weeks since I ’ m a first time home so! Products can be used to spread ice melt during winter months that time you... Show up was designed for year-round use to be more iron deficient than other areas increased grass roots to and. Will dominate in the spring like mid April your Google account gradual feeding over a to... Am suggesting GreenMAX because of the Mississippi River 4,100 sq answers to second... Owner so the product worked very well down 1 lb feed would be good to use Builder...

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