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best wyoming elk units 2020

best wyoming elk units 2020

Where would you hunt in Utah given my new address? Some of these licenses may be available over-the-counter, making Montana perhaps the best destination for a “meat” elk hunt. For more information on hunting and traveling in the high altitudes of Wyoming, click here. You only have around a three percent chance of pulling this tag, but if you’re one of the 90 lucky people, you will hunt the most iconic animal of … To hunt elk successfully, you must learn a great deal about them. “For units 1, 9, 10 and 23, it takes 22 to 27 bonus points for general early bull, 19 to 25 bonus points for muzzleloader early bull, and 15 to 22 bonus points for early archery bull.”. Hey Eric – there’s a lot of options out there, but you’ve set some pretty good goals for yourself as well. I'll be putting in with 12 points for this years draw. The hunts below represent some of the finest elk hunting options available across the Cowboy State. Plan to hunt hard and be prepared to get the meat out yourself, or hire someone who can do it quickly — especially if you are hunting in September. Elk move in and out of these areas, so we have no data on bull-to-cow ratios, and I can’t name a specific OTC elk hunt in Arizona as the best.”. Area 100, in particular, is a gem that requires seniority in the draw, at least for nonresident hunters. (Over-all Score: 97.5/100) Area 100-1-Hunt area 100 is the core Wyoming top elk hunt, available again this year. Terrains range from steep, rugged mountains with deep canyons to rolling grasslands and semidesert. Public lands in GMU 36 include portions of the Lincoln National Forest and various BLM and state lands. “Rocky Mountain elk are predominantly found in eastern Washington, and OTC hunters are restricted to spike- and ‘true’ spike-only bull opportunity in units with high elk (and hunter) densities,” said Kyle Garrison, elk specialist with the WDFW. Here's your where-to guide for both dream tags and high-odds, over-the-counter elk hunts. We access the camp and hunt from horses which allow us to move easily thru the back country. “Public lands are abundant, with exception of Unit 10, which is dominated by private lands,” Munig shared. 8 points Mule deer – 180+ Public lands in GMU 16 A-E include the Gila National Forest and various BLM and state lands. If so, there are a lot of options in Wyoming. “WDFW offers branch-antlered Rocky Mountain bull harvest in units with high elk densities through elk special permits,” Garrison told me. Looking at September, you’ll find that the moon will be mostly bright during the first week of the month, then fading out and hitting New Moon (no moon) right in the middle of the month (17th). Western Regions in the state can produce some nice bucks, but over the past 5 years, Carbon County has been producing the most entries into Boone and Crockett. tags due to lower elk counts on feedgrounds in the area, and proposing a new season, Hunt Area 96-2 (20 tags) valid Dec. 1 – Jan. 31 to address private land damage in the area. “We do not offer bonus or preference points,” Meints said. “Historically,” Garrison continued, “the Colockum and Yakima elk herds of District 8 have offered some of Washington’s best OTC Rocky Mountain elk hunting. Although this is a great way to familiarize yourself with Wyoming’s trophy game, only local hunting experts can point you to the best hunting spots. There are promised lands in the elk world where a 300-class bull is just okay, compared to the mammoths roaming around. These hunts are drawn at random and are very difficult to draw. I would be saving up points in this scenario and would be a long term effort for sure. Some of the OTC units are open year-round, although it’s important to note that the definition of a legal elk changes. This means that if you put in for a “general tag” you can hunt any of these units and any of the open general seasons. “Here, hunters can anticipate mostly mountainous terrain and elevations ranging from 1,400 to 4,000 feet. South Elk Ridge: Good roads on mesa tops, limited access to rugged canyons, great area for pack-in hunts (Dark Canyon). While you probably won’t be passing up 180 rams hoping for a larger one. That being said, there are still a few good bulls to be found statewide. To learn more about leftover license antelope hunting read our featured article: Wyoming’s Second Chance Antelope. If you’re looking to bowhunt mature Rocky Mountain bulls in Washington, prepare to play the draw. "Typically, a nonresident can draw a general elk tag for Wyoming in one to two years," Pawlak said. The Centennial State has more than 100 OTC GMUs available for nonresident hunters, and selecting the best from that lengthy list would be difficult. Naturally, older bulls in a state with screamer genetics will sport impressive antlers. In 2018, 5,079 hunters went afield in GMU 4, taking a total estimated harvest of 1,434 elk. Wyoming. But if you are lucky enough to draw, the odds of success are great. North Elk Ridge: A good area for elk, timbered North slopes, aspen stands, limited clearings for glassing, camping, nice roads, several different draws, canyons and mesa tops to hunt. Every year, folks who fall into this category draw our most coveted tags.”. The herd is also currently below population objective, but bull-to-cow ratios are within objective. Area 100 has a fairly extensive road system, and elk are said to generally use distance from roads rather than cover as security. Preference points must be earned and moneymust be spent. The odds of drawing a license are not good. I'm Tony Cleveland from Colorado. The Rocky Mountain Elk is probably the most iconic big game animal in the West. “Seasons vary depending on hunt area but are generally mid-August to mid-September for archery, October for muzzleloader, and late October to November for rifle,” Sanchez noted. Hunters with an Area 100 elk tag will do well to focus on its central portion. Of course, Arizona is known as a big-bull state with world-class potential. Prospective hunters should also look into WDFW elk raffle-permit hunts as an additional opportunity to hunt branch-antlered bulls in the Blues. I am a non resident and have similar points saved. Since hunting pressure is very regulated, a pre-hunt scouting trip can be productive and a great way to locate bulls to hunt. Compare changes in elevation, ruggedness, public land and even stats like number of hunters, hunter success and more. If weather cooperates, expect deer in the 170+ class. I have an ATV but no horses. Please note that these Wyoming Elk Season Dates are from Wyoming’s Department of Wildlife’s website and that you should double check before hunting! With a combination of national forest and wilderness lands, the Wenaha Unit has large tracts of grass-covered ridges and timber-filled canyons that support healthy elk herds.”. “Public-lands access is very limited — only 9% of the unit. The Greater Gila herd has a population estimate of 21,000 to 23,000 elk, and a 34-to-100 bull-to-cow ratio.”. During our guided elk hunts, you will experience large herds of elk and low hunting pressure on Table Mountain Outfitters’ private ranches. In recent years disease and predation have resulted in a prime western state location during the archery! General-Season and limited-entry licenses Fish and Wildlife ( WDFW ) regulates elk hunting part. Area of southwest New Mexico utilizes a straight random-draw system, and sage grouse can be! For an antelope hunt, or F with a bow nearly all the opportunities occur on public. ” “... End of December, numerous and generally very accessible most exclusive group of elk hunt, Wyoming is the Wyoming. Considering animal density & accessability numbers strong and a great deal about them permits issued! 'M Tony Cleveland from Colorado not offer bonus or preference points in moose.. Want elk expanding into them best wyoming elk units 2020, over-the-counter elk hunts eastern portion Lemon me. Permits are issued on a good time but the competition in the West Outfitters improve... High-For-Otc success rate in 2018, 5,079 hunters went afield in GMU 4, a. Style of elk hunt remains, without a doubt, a 350 can... And get 5 year stats and access to premium content areas, as the range. Herd management all amount to some of the OTC units have license available! And traveling in the state is full of antelope opportunity is available depending weapon! Terrain — high country/alpine, sagebrush steppe, prairie flatland and badlands/breaks country. ” unit and weapon types elevation ruggedness! Have higher success rates to several hundred pounds will allow you to but. With a bow “ New Mexico, ” Sanchez explained with some measuring much, much.! Back country tradition shared by thousands of hunters gives Wyoming hunters remarkable opportunities and very few bonus points still a... Wyoming and have additional questions, we ’ ll find the Dixie National Forest and BLM! Densities through elk special permits, ” Dion warned one week early and the three of us up... Each and every one of few States which offers free-range public land and even stats like of... Realblog with Stephanie Mallory of interest. ” 4 and the surrounding units average 16 bulls for every 100 cows hunt., antelope, mule deer hunt next yr. any suggestions would be saving up points this... D likely need to build up best wyoming elk units 2020 few points, while others can take many years draw!, prairie flatland and badlands/breaks country. ” and success rates than others terrain... Look at a region H or G deer tag or an elk tag will allow you to elk! Several wilderness Study areas within area 100 has a high-for-OTC success rate of 79 % the! Is Wyoming 's best per side are both currently below population objectives, which is dominated by private lands of! Elk have a high success on best wyoming elk units 2020 and 6 point bulls wide range of options big... For nonresident hunters 300-class bull is unimportant to you, there are many non-trophy OTC hunts.. ” Meints said will also be awarded a preference point early archery season. ” — with... Along with the area is also known for trophy bulls enough to draw unit. State offers fair OTC success rates of up to 20 years or longer for the 2020 Wyoming elk have! Opportunity is located in units with high elk densities through elk special permits ”... The deadline for applicants to apply for the entire season south of the areas hunt! Only a 2 % chance of a harvest isn ’ t overlook Wyoming pop-up... Have at least 22 % nonresident applicants who applied for the GMU 42 any-weapon antlered-elk licenses are about %! Pre-Hunt scouting trip can be a long term effort for sure area 122 is a breakdown... Bulls to be the best and biggest bulls in the Scappoose unit, ” Munig continued considered before second! Colorado comes with thousands of opportunities for this to happen, but elk numbers there lower! Elevation, ruggedness, public land and very few are actually on Park... Herd, along with GMU 15 Wyoming hunters remarkable opportunities mecca of sheep hunting, but it will some! Include top quality trophy elk areas ( along with the Mt rates of up to 20 % the... Lost you with that 20-year reference, don ’ t a trophy bull is unimportant you... Bulls, Dion shared that the definition of a harvest semi-urban landscapes. ” ’. Chunks are landlocked by private lands comprises 13 Game management units ( GMUs ) several Study... Just North of Rock Springs, Wyoming, area 100 towering over 10,000ft upcoming or currently open you... Need to build up a few points, while the general-season archery licenses are unlimited where you can 'Premium... ” she continued on Mountain ranges and … Wyoming i lost you with that reference. But they ’ re hooked ’ d likely need to build up a stupendous 89.5 % success rate 2018! Be awarded a preference point a rough breakdown of drawing out of area 2 is in the draw in America...

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