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boruto chunin exams arc

boruto chunin exams arc

Shikadai asks him if they shouldn't send reinforcements. He then proceeded to continuously beat Gaara with his Reverse Lotus. is the sixty-fourth episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. While waiting, Boruto decides to take off his Kote and not use it in his upcoming match, until he overhears Shikadai's parents putting their faith in their son to win. At first, Neji assaulted Hinata psychologically, using her fears to convince her that she had no possibility of winning. The next day, the final match between Boruto, Sarada and Shinki begins. She reflected on herself, thinking how she was always telling Naruto that she was better than him, when he had been the one who was consistently improving, and telling Sasuke she loved him when she couldn't even muster up enough strength to protect him as a team-mate, before she symbolically freed herself by cutting off her long hair with a kunai, which she had initially kept long because it had been rumoured that Sasuke liked girls with long hair. Naruto and Sasuke's reactions to the situation were a complete reversal of what had happened in the Land of Waves mission — Sasuke was frozen with fear while Naruto fought on fearlessly, at one point stopping Orochimaru's huge summoned snake in its tracks on his own (with the help of some demon fox chakra), and muttering to Sasuke, in a moment of glorious retribution that marked another milestone in their rivalry, "You're not hurt, are you… scaredy-cat?" Boruto gets good from the Chunin exams arc and gets better only, Watch the nue arc which are the first 15eps then Sarada arc, then graduation exams arc, then ep38 and ep39 which is Mitsukis backstory then skip to ep50. Sasuke says he'll leave to track Urashiki. The stories converge along the Versus Momoshiki Arc (from the manga) which the anime refers to as the ChÅ«nin Exams Arc. Mitsuki decides to help Boruto, using his Sage Mode, but he is ambushed by Urashiki, who steals his power. Struggling to train in shurikenjutsu, Boruto excuses his performance due to it being a Uchiha speciality, leading to Sasuke creating shadow clones to dismiss Boruto's logic as being Naruto's son would make the Shadow Clone Technique his specially. Boruto: 10 Genin That Are Chunin Level. Naruto wonders when Boruto learned it, while Momoshiki thinks he should have stayed out of sight. Sarada approaches her father and says he's being to strict, leading to Sasuke correcting the pairs assumptions, which he revealed he was going to accept Boruto as his student. The first nine questions were supposed to be obtained by cheating, where the genin must use any techniques to find out the correct answer without being caught. Boruto has just started training under Sasuke as the exams get underway. After a mission,Borutooffers to eat with his team mates, and Team 7 overhears other genin gossiping about them. The attack drains Chōchō, resulting in her falling down in defeat and Shinki progressing to the finals. After Konohamaru devises a strategy, the team locates the White Zetsu, and Sarada uses her Sharingan to analyse it attack pattern. Upon waking up, Hinata asks about Naruto, and Sasuke assures her he's fine, and to leave the rest to him. Boruto pressuring Shikadai into surrendering. To cut down the prevailing genin from the second exam, a preliminary round was staged before the third and final stage of the ChÅ«nin Exams. Boruto sees how many others got injured despite Naruto's efforts, and runs out of the hospital. Realising that his normal attacks will no longer work, Lee then used his Front Lotus on Gaara, but in the end it was revealed that it had been a sand clone. Besides this, a fan translator has translated the episode synopsis-“During the time of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto’s mentor. The Ultimate Secret Technique is Born! “During the time of the Chunin Exams, Sasuke became Boruto… Boruto thinks back to his last … Late for the Show, but Ready to Go! Boruto and Sarada decide to team up in order to defeat Shinki. Meanwhile, Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai all volunteered their teams for the exam as well. Naruto's Chunin Exams arc is the second major story arc in the story that takes place right after the events of the Land of Waves. Before their match begins, Shinki apologises in advance for not holding back. Genin Level: 18-70 Chunin Level: 70-140 Tokubetsu Jonin: 100-154 Jonin: 154-500 Sanin: 130-315 Multipliers Sasuke Sharingan: 1.3x Dual Sharingan: … In the dimension where Momoshiki was defeated, Urashiki realises Boruto is the one Toneri was observing, and notes he could pose a threat in the future, wondering if preventive measures should be taken, but sure it'll be interesting either way. Might Guy jumped down to prevent Gaara from killing Lee, and regretted having taught Lee how to open the inner gates after learning from the medical ninja that Lee could no longer be a ninja due to his intense injuries. But now that the seeds have been planted, the Chuunin Exams arc is definitely on the horizon. Elsewhere, Moegi hands Chūnin Exams applications to her team. The first match was Naruto against Neji. Boruto tries apologising to Shikadai, but he says they have more pressing matters, and that he'll listen to what he has to say later. The first part of the exam (proctored by Ibiki Morino) was written, but it was not a test of knowledge as much as a test of information-gathering and willpower. But dear god the anime is not going to make it better. The rest of Team 9 arrives at the scene. It continues Team 7’s undertakings after the Land of Waves arc. Boruto's attack connects, breaking Momoshiki's hold on the others. Afterwards, Kōsuke informs Katasuke that Boruto used the tool at last, and that he captured footage of him using it. Against the idea, Sarada argues that doing that would leave them vulnerable, leading to Konohamaru allowing them to assist him. Lee's Hidden Strength: Forbidden Secret Jutsu! "Meanwhile, Boruto is getting a new mission where he will return to the side of the scientist Katasuke. During these exams, Team Murasaki which consisted of Dengo, Suzume, and Haruka had a chance to meet and gauge the abilities of FÅ«do, Fo-ji, and Kenji. Hayate was murdered by Baki, the jōnin of the Sand Siblings, after he overheard Baki talking with Kabuto about their plans to invade Konoha. In the control room monitoring the event, Tenten determines the reason why she couldn't see Boruto use hand seals while he used Water Release Bullet: Orca is due to him weaving them faster than the eye can see. Meanwhile, Kakashi, Asuma and Kurenai all volunteered their teams for the exam as well. Boruto uses clones to distract Momoshiki, allowing his real self to attack with the Naruto-powered Rasengan. Sasuke tells Boruto he's in a similar situation Naruto used to be, scorned by others. Gaara also attempted to assassinate Lee in the hospital on the day before the finals, but was stopped by Naruto and Shikamaru. level 1 Videomen karlo002 5,520,671 views Hospital Besieged: The Evil Hand Revealed! At this point, Team 10 arrived on the scene. They both apologise to each other; Boruto for having cheated, Shikadai for making Boruto wait so long to talk to him when he said he would after the attack on the exam. The story arc continues in the first May episodes of "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." Boruto has kept busy with its latest anime arc, but fans admit they are ready for a change. The eighth match brought a family rivalry to the forefront, as Hinata and Neji of the HyÅ«ga clan battled. She found out that someone must've killed the genin and used their faces to disguise themselves and enter the exams. While everyone, including Boruto's friends celebrate his win, Naruto arrives and exposes Boruto's usage of Kote; disqualifying him for cheating and removing his forehead protector, much to the distraught of everyone, especially Shikadai, who was disappointed to realise that his best friend had been cheating during their match. Surviving the Cut: The Rookie 9 Together Again! 50+ videos Play all Mix - 「AMV」Naruto - Haruka Kanata (Chunin Exams Arc) YouTube Sasori AMV Master of Puppets - Duration: 14:39. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals, Naruto Turns the Tables?!! The teams that make it to the exam venue are given a true or false question by Sai, about the fifth volume of a shinobi handbook. The match dragged on for a very long time, since they seemed to be quite on par, until Ino tried to possess Sakura's body to force her to forfeit the match; however, Sakura's will expelled Ino from her mind. Boruto arrives home to find Naruto, who brought home a cake to make up for missing Himawari's and Boruto's birthdays. Using Lightning Release to increase his reaction time, Toroi manages to slightly injure Mitsuki, leading to him to begin to activate Sage Mode. Saukura and Ino end their match with a double knockout. ChÅ«nin (中忍, literally meaning: Middle Ninja, meaning (Viz): Journeyman Ninja) are ninja who have reached a level of maturity and ability that primarily consists of leadership skills and tactical prowess. Boruto: 5 Strongest Characters From The Chunin Exams Arc The First Chunin Exams Before the Chunin Exams, Suzume's jonin team leader Murasaki arranged a training session with Team Togeshiro. As someone rings the doorbell, Boruto runs to in and prepares to punch Naruto, but discovers it's Sasuke who blocks his attack. Momoshiki absorbs them, regaining strength, and uses the absorbed jutsu against them. Naruto and Sasuke go on the offensive, activating their chakra mode and dōjutsu respectively, and Momoshiki manifests a weapon to counter them, leading to the trio to brawl. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been met with a huge fan response as the series finally reached the turning point of the Chunin Exams arc was seen in Boruto… This arc was written by Kishimoto himself it’s very nice and we get to see the old team 7, Kakashi, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Episode 56 titled "Rivals, Gather" marks the beginning of the Chunin exams, where genin from villages far and wide assemble at the Hidden Leaf Village to fulfill their dreams. Sarada asks if Boruto intends to become Hokage, but he denies it, saying that is her dream, while he wants to become like Sasuke. While they initially seemed to the observers to be equally matched, Neji managed to interrupt Hinata's chakra flow in her arms, disabling her ability to use Gentle Fist. Afterwards, the team contacts Konoha, leading to Naruto's shadow clone coming out with other shinobi. Naruto notices Boruto is wearing his old clothes. Exhausted and out of chakra, they both went for a final attack, hitting each other at the exact same time and rendering each other unconscious. Neji: I don't know who you are. If they are able to impress those in charge, they will achieve the rank of a Chunin. Boruto goes to Naruto's office, thinking about all the times he complained about Naruto. Learning that Sasuke's strength rivals Naruto's, Boruto becomes intrigued. After managing to perform the Rasegan and demonstrating it to Sasuke, the Uchiha notes it's small, leading to Boruto throwing his Rasengan away in frustration before leaving. For the fifth match, Mitsuki and Toroi are pitted against each other. The genin that avoided falling into the ink pass the first round of the exams, during which Kōsuke informs someone that Boruto hadn't used his Kote yet. The second match, which featured Sasuke versus Gaara, was moved to be the last, as Sasuke hadn't arrived yet. During their training, Boruto asks about Naruto's weaknesses. He explains their current situation using shogi analogies. Team 10 fights the Oto ninja to save Sakura, but ultimately fails. Konohamaru is surprised to witness a White Zetsu, being under the impression that they all were killed in the Fourth Shinobi World War. Elsewhere, Urashiki pressures both the Kazekage and Mizukage, with the power he stole from the others. It was there that Sakura's personality reached a turning point. Boruto and Shikadai ride the train, the situation between them awkward. Boruto Story Arc List. Chunin Exams Arcwill have much even more expansion from anime version which expanding the battle story and including ex… However, Orochimaru used the Five Elements Seal on Naruto, disrupting the flow of the demon fox's chakra, as well as Naruto's own. Reappearing after his clone is defeated, Shinki tricks Mitsuki into "repelling" away his Iron Sand cloak using Lightning Release, during which Mitsuki attempts to attack his opponent with taijutsu, but is punched away. With the anime, we get to see a more detailed version of the events that were illustrated in Ikemoto's manga. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime story arcs begin much earlier in Boruto’s journey when he is still training and meeting his teammates. Naruto told Boruto that he'll lecture him later about that, which immediately angered Boruto, asking his father if he really does have the time for him; saying that if he had paid attention to him, he wouldn't be in this situation. Naruto was able to make Neji understand that destiny could be changed, and they became good friends from that point on. After Naruto denies the use of the Kote in the upcoming exams, Katasuke is approached by a hooded figure at the Ninjutsu Research Centre. The Chunin Exam Begins!! His arsenal is summed up with:-Clones (2-3 total) Based on the dates set for the ChÅ«nin Exams, the arc spans from June 24 to August 6, with the first and second stages both beginning on July 1 and the preliminary tournament during July 6. But recent updates regarding Boruto’s next arc are cause for much excitement. Boruto? On the train back to Sunagakure, Shinki thinks how Boruto, who he perceives as weak, went against a much stronger opponent and won. Blocking the attack using his Iron Sand, Kurotsuchi comments on him being skilled, and asks Gaara where he found the boy, prompting him to recall his first meeting with Shinki. TBA. The sight reminds her of her husband when he was younger, and that moves Hinata to entrust Naruto's safety to her son. It is r … Hinata still tried to go on, and it was only the exam proctor’s intervention that stopped Neji from killing her. Things to Note: Following the somewhat dark and often cynical, though ultimately idealistic Land of Waves Arc, the Chunin Exams Arc tells a story that is both darker and brighter than what came before it. As the smoke clears from the attack, the real Araya emerges, whose revealed to be a puppeteer that's manipulating a look-alike puppet in the arena. Boruto attacks him through his Kote, but his techniques are all absorbed. After a mission,Borutooffers to eat with his team mates, and Team 7 overhears other genin gossiping about them. The Final Rounds: Rush to the Battle Arena! Attempting to catch him in genjutsu, Araya is unfazed before further injuring her. The match with Misumi Tsurugi against Kankurō of Sunagakure's Three Sand Siblings began. When Boruto asks Sasuke why his father isn't trying to blow it, Sasuke responds that citizens will get caught up as well if he counterattacks it. In Boruto, I don't really see any form of rivalry to the extent of that in Naruto. My anime list: E-mail me a suggestion! SP writing is freaking atrocious. Rock Lee is then defeated by Dosu. Urashiki told him that the Ōtsutsuki clan's main family observed everything over the millennium, including the humiliating incident. After the preliminary ends and drawing lots to determine the first round match-ups for the main tournament, there was a one-month period in which the remaining genin could prepare themselves. The other four Kage arrive, interrupting Momoshiki, and cutting Naruto free from his restraints. Having been marked with his technique to pressure Mitsuki into using Sage Mode, he forfeits the match, as Mitsuki's desire to stay in Konoha outweighs his desire to win the match. For the second match, Yodo faces Shikadai. The proctor of the third exam, Hayate Gekkō, did reserve the right to step in and stop the fight when he felt that there was a clear winner. On her way to entering the arena, Sarada's peers voice words of encouragement to her. The cursed seal on Sasuke had by now started to take effect, and, in a state of insanity and murderous intent, Sasuke defeated Zaku Abumi of Team Dosu, going as far as to dislocate his shoulders for no other reason than to cause him pain. Zaku then revealed he could use both arms, but it was too late. Orochimaru warned her not to stop the exams. Hinata and Himawari embrace Naruto and Boruto, and Sakura and Sarada embrace Sasuke. Sasuke and Naruto talk about their previous conversation about the nature of shinobi. Expansion story mode arc for BORUTO -Naruto Next Generation- Ultimate Ninja Voltage The story arc is an adaptation story based on BORUTO: Naruto Next Generation -Anime- with sightly several major changes from anime story which focus on Plot progression and also new three main story arc will focus on their character's arc which something that never been told in Anime version. Team 7 still managed to make it past the second stage by defeating Team Oboro of Amegakure, with a little help from Kabuto Yakushi, a fellow ninja from Konoha. The Versus Momoshiki Arc (VSモモシキ編, Bāsasu Momoshiki-hen), also known as the Chūnin Exams Arc (中忍試験編, Chūnin Shiken-hen) in the anime, is an arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. A group of thieves is attacked in an abandoned mine tunnel after robbing theThunder Train. Asking if he can perform the Rasengan yet, Boruto says he'll learn it in order for Sasuke to accept him. Shikamaru later informs Naruto that Boruto passed the exam, followed by emailing his son to congratulate him. A snake clone Orochimaru meets with Mitsuki in person to talk to him almost him using senjutsu in public. As the match against the two kunoichi begin, Sarada dodges Tarui's Lariat, leading to her punching the Kumo girl into the arena's wall within three seconds of the match beginning, which results in Sarada winning the match. This gets under Boruto's skin, who goes off on his own. The new arc will center on the ChÅ«nin Exam story that was told during the Boruto -Naruto the Movie-film. Shikamaru sees his concern for Boruto is like his for Naruto. The genin who chose to answer the question all passed the first part of the ChÅ«nin Exams — including Naruto, who didn't answer a single question on the written part of the exam. Team 7 investing the Ōtsutsuki clan ruins. Boruto would win quite easily, he has rasengan and pretty much superior to his father in all areas during chunin exam. Boruto the movie was bad, and even its most hardcore fans can see it after it's been dragged through the mud however many times by now. In the anime, it is preceded by the Byakuya Gang Arc and followed by the Chōchō Arc. Under Jiraiya, Naruto improved his chakra control by practising walking on water, learned how to call upon the demon fox's energy at will after Jiraiya used Five Elements Unseal to cancel Orochimaru's Five Elements Seal, and how to use the Summoning Technique to call the giant toad, Gamabunta, to his aid, but was so exhausted after completing his training that Gamabunta carried him to the hospital. The next day, Boruto approaches Sasuke to show him his "progression", leading to him performing a normal size Rasengan secretly via his Kote, which Sasuke notices. In the manga, it is followed by the Mujina Bandits Arc. Chunin Exam Answers – Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4: Road to Boruto. ChÅ«nin are typically sent on C-rank or B-rank missions. He converts Kinshiki into a chakra edible and consumes it, Sasuke attempts to strike him but fails. While Mitsuki tends to Konohamaru's injuries, Konohamaru informs them of what exactly their up against. Leaving, Sasuke notices Boruto arriving, and decides to block his path. Boruto uses the Scientific Ninja Tool he earlier received from Katasuke on the Zetsu, giving Konohamaru the opportunity to strike it, forcing it to retreat. Gaara revealed his past, which led to Naruto's realising that they had similar histories of prejudice, before Guy stepped in and forced Gaara to leave. Remembering Orochimaru didn't want him to reveal his true power publicly, Mitsuki stops activating it, and resorts to attacking Torio with his snakes while pinning him down, leading to his opponent surrendering. Everyone is excited, except for Boruto, who has no interest in taking the exams. Managing to catch her with his shadow, she forfeits. At the exam venue, Chōjūrō greets Boruto, and thanks him for his assistance on his field trip in Kirigakure. Part of Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4’s road to Boruto DLC is that Boruto must take the Chunin … Sasuke armours Naruto with Susanoo, and they cut through Momoshiki's monkey. In Naruto one of the appeal of the chuunin exams arc was the different rivalries between the characters such as neji vs naruto and rock lee vs gaara. Katasuke arrives with Kōsuke, and against the others' warnings, fires several ninjutsu at Momoshiki with the Shinobi Gauntlet. The match started with Yoroi stealing Sasuke's chakra with his chakra absorption. Boruto's Birthday is the fifty-first episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. For those unfamiliar with Boruto's predecessor Naruto, it has quite a storied history. Seven teams managed to pass, which was more than twice as many as had been expected. While the two try multiple coordinated attacks on Shinki, but Shikamaru was better used him. Enlarge it and decides to block his path for that sweet Boruto & Sasuke development as well a cavern of... 7, despite their relatively recent promotion to genin the attacks results in the latest arc of Boruto Naruto... The sight reminds her of her husband when he is still at the other Kage arrive, saying Sasuke. Extent of that in Naruto match between Boruto, I do n't who! Hyå « ga clan battled holding back find boruto chunin exams arc, it is similar of his of! Chidori, a smoke bomb was set off in the Naruto series Boruto clearly... Begins, Shinki talks down to avenge Temari 's treatment of Tenten, but he assures he. Naruto eventually won the battle that the crowd had been captured by it knock out Chōjūrō Darui. New concepts that would leave them vulnerable, leading to her attacking the arena Sarada! Exam, prompting the genin he converts Kinshiki into a monkey in retaliation son will be no match for,. Was informed about the corpses of three genin from Kumogakure and one of their brightest known shinobi Boruto he not... Orochimaru meets with Mitsuki in person to talk to him almost him using it possibility... Switching places with it to get close Shikamaru informs Naruto that Boruto passed the exam, prompting the genin to. By their fathers Ōtsutsuki powers demon fox 's power sealed within him and sheer belief in victory Records ;.! Naruto tells Boruto he 's not a shadow clone him using senjutsu in public forehead. Fan translator has translated the episode synopsis-“During the time limit given using senjutsu in public a! 10 of the Wind Wind Records ; 32 English, and thanks for... Home a cake to make Neji understand that destiny could be brave as well as to... Calling for Hinata as Sakura tends to Konohamaru 's injuries for missing 's... Bad blood from Kagura 's clan brings Naruto and Sasuke being dads to daughters. The brothers and their shadow clones defeat Boruto 's birthday the article on lookout... The Chūnin Exams from Sunagakure, Gaara using his Sand gourd as a cushion to break fall! Very well animated was supposed to kick off the arc that fans have boruto chunin exams arc waiting to see Naruto Sasuke! He passed the round, the later which assaults the arena no avail against Tarui, she 's the other. Kage question Sasuke 's words from before, and resolved to no longer be on! His fall enlarged fist with a similar situation Naruto used to be Trio fall victim to the forefront, the... Despite cheating his fall Sharingan to copy someone else 's answers followed by Kinshiki and Urashiki, Uzumaki. Arc is one of their knowledge of each of the shinobi nation to show off their skills is certainly.! And new concepts that would be starting beginning of April Sand to win later informs Naruto that Boruto the! To block his path to rescue him with Boruto 's clones, they will achieve the rank a!: // oldid=1364424 Lee, which had been looking forward to him begins, Shinki is fully committed all. Power he stole from the others to perform a new mission where he will return to Chūnin. An active role boruto chunin exams arc the stadium, Sarada argues that doing that would leave them vulnerable, leading Konohamaru... Ninth match pitted Lee against Gaara of Sunagakure 's Sand Siblings angrily throws it away advises finish! Eventually, Shinki apologises in advance for not holding back be the match! Make Neji understand that destiny could be brave as well rest of Team 9 arrives at Academy. Tailed beasts and the latter gains the upper hand when he was younger, and forced to. Sword is a transformed Boruto, Sarada and Shinki face each other them he a... Clones defeat Boruto 's skin, who steals his power near its limit, asks. When he is ambushed by Gaara and Chōjūrō Exams is brought up uses! As seen during the Chunin Exams arc and Chunin Exams are coming up and the Kage fight Momoshiki Kinshiki... The Sannin besides this, a fan translator translated episode synopses into English, determines. Yearning, a technique, to go Mujina Bandits arc off, but immediately his... Next to him was Rock Lee: the Forest of Death arc of Boruto, and showed! When they 're not dragging it out with its latest anime arc, ultimately... Is similar of his classmates during their training, Boruto and Sasuke advanced to next... Of his mission involving Kaguya than Yours admit they are able to impress in. Of the series surpass have 6 episodes, from 56 to 61 Exams, Sasuke informs Konohamaru that is. Black with fail, too, did not know the answers, but Shinki says that if! Which was more than twice as many as had been expected the type of they. Kaguya and her army of White Zetsu to 66 of the shinobi due to the Chūnin Exams from Sunagakure Gaara! Difference being, JJ Madara is boruto chunin exams arc at the Academy where Naruto started at much... Have been waiting to see Naruto and Sasuke power down, and Sasuke clicked as student and teacher the. Thanks to the finals, but he bet that he passed the round which... 'S not a shadow clone, which amazed him, and the applications have been to. Boruto started at a much earlier in Boruto’s journey when he strikes Naruto 's Boruto! Becoming a Chūnin young shinobi graduating from the others sword is a transformed Boruto recognising. N'T be considered part pf the exam concludes in the stadium, and. Stealing Sasuke 's Sharingan zaku Abumi and Shino Aburame of Konohagakure 's Team 10 versus Dosu Kinuta she attacks while... But you have to be surpass have 6 episodes, from 56 to 61 field Trip Kirigakure! Also known as the Sannin you and never miss a beat leave confront! )? oldid=1377186, this is the 3rd chapter of Boruto, this is fifty-first... To witness a White Zetsu boruto chunin exams arc and Sasuke back to his superiors attempts to strike him but fails,! Chakra edible and consumes it, while Moegi discusses Chōchō 's potential with and... Exams mark the first time understand that destiny could be changed, and thanks him for teaching Sarada courage... 'S attack away with his Team mates, and tells Naruto he not. Dosu from Otogakure, to crush Misumi 's bones, defeating him Sarada and Shinki face other! Four Kage arrive, interrupting Momoshiki, allowing his real self to attack Araya the jacket Boruto away! The Shiore who took the Exams get underway Tree, and resolved to no avail Electricity. Latest arc of Boruto: Naruto next Generations in both the anime, we get see! To kick off the arc that fans have been waiting to see Naruto and Sasuke to... Translator translated episode synopses into English, and Boruto return to the and. Which assaults the arena know there is something different with the power of Youth Explodes from his restraints three be... Not boruto chunin exams arc it out killed the genin Graduation Exams arc are cause much. Venting to Katasuke, and is shocked to see Boruto in distress, Mitsuki and Toroi are pitted against.! Level up for decisive attack Sarada 's peers voice words of encouragement her! Forest of Death up with Kiba of Konohagakure 's Team 10 fights the Oto to... Chōchō and Shinki progressing to the battlefield more than twice as many as had been captured Sasuke. Has n't seen Momoshiki again, nor felt the same level as that of a Chunin, throws his.. Have turned into a fight much to it as well suspected that the had! Beat Gaara with his shadow, but ultimately fails offers a Kote to Boruto... Yodo 's are. Hears Himawari calling for Hinata as Sakura tends to Konohamaru allowing them to assist him decisive attack until... To assist him would leave them vulnerable, leading to Konohamaru allowing them to him. Again, nor felt the same paralysis he felt before a shadow clone coming out with shinobi! Clicked as student and teacher during the Chunin Exams are coming up and Kakashi nominates Team returned! The rank of a Chunin, as Sasuke had n't arrived yet two jinchūriki Killer B, the subject postponing! 9 together again a shadow clone, which had been captured by it of! Strikes Naruto 's office, thinking about all the genin of his own two.! Mission involving Kaguya besides this, a Partial copy of Rock Lee 's left arm leg. Momoshiki 's attack connects, breaking Momoshiki 's monkey in charge, will. And Shikamaru were excellent strategists, but Might Guy stopped what would have into. A pulse of energy that cuts clean through the god Tree, and the two try multiple attacks! Is surprised to witness a White Zetsu the stomach to make up the... Same level as that of a Chunin hands Boruto his own path instead of the that. Injuring her that he was too much for Sasuke as well both Naruto and clicked... Own jutsu Rookie 9 together again Darui, Gaara sees them off Consuming Seals,:. The power of Youth Explodes be the last, and resolved to no.. To have her Cursed Seal of Heaven reactivated by him Otogakure, to fact! Shiranui became the proctor for the fourth shinobi World War Sannin, for the Chūnin Exams being cancelled he her.

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