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I have had excellent results now and am upping my review to 5 stars. I recommend this seed to anyone who has had a hard time getting grass to grow in specific areas. It’s a very thin blade, so if you screw up the seeding, it’s pretty easy to tell. I started to see growth on the 4th day, it’s now the 11th day. Pun intended, it sticks out like a sore, green thumb. To begin I did not use the two other products they wanted to use first. After all I had a sprinkler system to keep it watered and I seeded my yard in May, so I figured I had 5 months to really strengthen this grass. It didn`t cover all ground so I had to order another package, but it was worth it. Sorry. On the rare places where I put down fresh soil because the ground was so rocky, I noticed the JG seed would germinate in a matter of days, not weeks. grass comes up thin and not as much as I would hope. My back yard used to be dirt all summer. This grass seed works fantastic. We were a bit skeptical of the claims regarding how fast the grass seed germinates and grows, but after laying the seed down, covering, and watering the entire yard filled with grass! Within a week i had little plugs popping up. Afterwards, other sprouts kept popping up and thickening over the next few weeks, until what I have now. My front lawn has a lot of weeds and moss and little sun so it has been very difficult to get a decent lawn, and I have been trying to establish my lawn for years. I feel that it would have worked better with someone who knew what they were doing. Grass Type:  Ryegrasses, Tall Fescues & Fine Fescues, Recommended Planting Months:  For cool season grasses, Light Requirements:  Full sun to partial shade (4 – 8 hours of sun). Works very fast. Add colour to your garden with our range of flower bulbs and flower seeds. Well it grew and looked really nice then died. I first put it in those areas of my grass that completly died and was just dirt, and within 2 weeks I had beautiful green grass. It had to be mowed after about a month and is doing great even with our golden retriever running on it. I watered manually for 3 days in a row. One side of my lawn responded really well and I have a full lawn in less then a month. It was thick and beautiful! I’ve purchased this grass seed 3 or 4 times now. I’ve never seed sprout so fast. Will purchase again. Will definitely continue to use. This stuff works!! It is up to a couple inches long already, and quite literally you can see more every day. I started the seeds a bit early in season and the birds I was feeding over winter enjoyed the extra meal. Even spots that were “hard dirt” that I just tossed some over on, without loosening, has had some sprout up! I had an area underneath an oak tree where everything we’ve tried in the last 15 years died. You can tell in sine bald spots where the seed didn’t take but it was because I didn’t till those areas well enough. Unique soil food combo for lawns to rapidly raise pH, loosen compaction & stimulate soil microbes. They said to water generously for a week, but I did not have the time to do that. Ok so I was looking for fast growing and doesn’t requirer a lot of sun light and this grass seed does that. We needed grass in our back yard for a summer party last year after having a large tree removed. Maybe only 75% of the seeds sprouted. Works well with St. Augustine. Just had our driveway paved and our concrete people left our top soil a mess. I don’t have a lot of experience in growing grass so I didn’t do my research on the the difference between perennial grass and annual grass so I didn’t realize the majority of this grass won’t regrow next year. To the reviewers who didn’t like the fact that it was not annual: that’s your bad. Will use again! I used them this fall in 60 degree weather and results of thick growth was up in about 7-10 days. 2 Weeks went by and one day, low and behold I had new grass sprouting up pretty quick in those areas. The grass started germinating in less than a week and then filled-in the rest of the seeded area quickly thereafter. In all cases, the user should read and follow label instructions before applying any product, and assumes all responsibility when using this spreader settings tool. Took about two weeks to grow completely, but started to grow in 3 days. This grass seed works really well. Not all fast-growing grass may tolerate the temperatures where you live, so select the right seed for your climate zone: either cool-season or warm-season. We are very pleased with the fast results. BTW, we’re in New England and use this in both partial shade and full sun areas. I garden for a living and this grass really works for trouble areas . It was thinner that the actual grass so good to fill in small spots. In about a weeks time the new grass appeared. If it's weeds you're struggling to tackle, give your grass … I will give it its first mowing this weekend. Pictures are about 2 week apart. I swear I saw a “green blush” appearing in three to four days. Worked well to reseed an area torn up when our new deck was put in. Depend on Wilco to rid your crops of unwanted insects. We are in New England so lots of rain, lots of sun in the summer. I’ve got 3 small patches out front and now applying for the 4th time within the last 3months. I live in Minnesota and I think this stuff is amazing. Its all I was told it germinated fast and came up this and strong in Oct.. Put down a slower germinating perennial with this and you’ll be set. I had better results several years ago with seed advertised on TV to grow on anything. Probably didn’t need to overseed. This grass is fairly thin so I recommend keeping it cut more on the lower side so you won’t have to deal with the grass laying over as much whenever you walk on it or roll over it with the lawn mower. I shall definitely recommend it to my friend. Excellent product. Note this is perennial, so it will not last more than one year. This grass seed is amazing our backyard looked horrible from having three dogs sprinkled it all over the bare spots and in 10 days you can’t even tell there was their spots. Luck! Wish my entire lawn looked like this, Did the trick for my brown per spots from my goldens. This grass mix does grow fast however I was expecting the bag to be bigger. great seeds! This grew grass even on that unkept, muddy, gravely area of our yard, in the shade & in the sun! This is the only grass seed I’ve seen that actually works. So back to the drawing board I go. So we planted this grass and it works wonderfully! This stuff is awesome. Approximately 3 days germination time. Perhaps someone could give me some direction. This stuff is freaking amazing! I plan to buy more. A thin layer of mulch was put on top of the seed to protect it from too much direct sun and the areas seeded were watered less than one would expect. Planted the seed and with plenty of water we have grass now. I was hoping this would’ve been a miracle. It grew super quick and covered up my bare spots but now I am back in the same boat as I was when I started. I bought this to fill in some dead patches in my yard. I had better luck with a product that comes from Canada. We bought the fertilizer, shady nook & fast growing grass. You will not regret this purchase. Within 5 days I could already see the grass growing. We have had a very warm winter so I can’t wait until spring because I believe this product is going to solve my problem. Flower seeds that germinate in less than 14 days and produce a blossom within 70 days are considered fast growing. This isn’t my first time buying Jonathan Green grass seed nor will it be my last. You could almost watch it grow. These seeds worked great. That may be due partially to my lack of care, thinking that it has become established, but I have tried most everything that I know to keep it from dying, and have not been too successful. i have used a variety of seeds on my lawn. I put the seeds down with barely prepartion. Important to water everyday. It has been twelve days and with no sign of improvement aside from a few stray blades. Beautiful green, though. The grass was so soft- I can’t get over it! Last ditch effort, I decided to try this because the reviews sounded good and it was in my budget. Cool-season grasses thrive in places with temperate summers and many below-freezing winter days—think Northern California, the Pacific Northwest, the upper Great Plains, the upper Midwest, and New England. This is the second summer we’ve bought this seed. Fast Growing Grass Seed for the Rapid Establishment of a Basic Turf Over Large Areas. After about 4 different fails (don’t waste your money on Scott or the other brand names!) We were not expecting much but are pleasantly surprised! All I did was use my hand tiller to soften the ground spread the seed (by hand) & water. Seems do die just as fast also. The grass is a thin rubbery type and seems to survive better in colder weather. After using these grass seeds, the grass was growing back within a week (even though it read on the back of the bag that it would take a few weeks)! I’ve bought several more bags since my first purchase. Also throw a few more seeds than you think especially if you are starting a new lawn from dirt like I did. But, once the water hits the ground, the dry air immediately takes it away. When I moved into my new place I loved the big backyard but the grass needed help big time! Ilove my new grass. It will grow. You can see in the picture how thick it is after only such a short amount of time! I live in a saltwater environment under a ton of oak trees, so growing grass is a real challenge. For those impatient people like me! Add some annual seed in with this when you spread it. Year one, our wooded backyard was all dirt. Wish you’d ask for a review when its had seven days to grow. Now there is grass. So, this grass paid its purpose, but I do wish it would have lasted a little longer. When it sprouts its happens quickly. And another ten days to get to 3-4 inch tall. Planted while hot and didn’t think it would come up good but it came up in 3-4 days and very thick and even though it has been extremely hot, it is thriving. Grass grew very quickly. Buffalograss —This variety takes two weeks to 30 days to germinate. I had dead spots. i have a section on my yard that was a flower bed that i just wanted to seed over, Great for spots. This is the best grass seed I have ever purchased it works very well grows quickly and looks beautiful! I read a few reviews that the grass didn’t last for a 2nd year, but I was willing to take the chance. All I did was rake the dirt area to loosen the dirt, sprinkle the seeds by hand, then rake the dirt around a bit more. I’m really impressed! I recently purchased a home that needed some TLC and the yard was one of them. It pretty amazing. Didn’t use it after all. Exactly as advertised. This stuff grew and grew and grew! I had to purchase Vigoro from home depot to finish the other half. 59.10% Annual Ryegrass At this time I can’t attest to its durability, but to far I’m very impressed. While the fastest-growing grass in cold climates is perennial ryegrass, … Worked really fast and didn't die off. The grass is a bright green and soft. I planted in April, had a lawn by May, but now in July it’s half dead. Seriously, one week! I will definitely purchase more of this. Most of the seed started growing after about 1 week, which is much better results for me than those other big brand seeds sold in Lowes and Home Depot. On day seven, I had peach fuzz and by day 14, I had grass that I had to cut. After the first week I wasn’t sure it was working, but then after about 10 days I started seeing grass grow. Very happy with this product. 99 £15.99 £15.99 It does grow pretty fast but is it strong enough to last and fight off weeds? actually 3 stars is really kind. Came in quick and nice and thick. I plan to buy another bag to fill in the bare and thin spots. GOOD STUFF! If you want fast full results, this is the one. Next we’re going to try the organic fertilizer 🙂. It works as long as you follow the instructions. Wish I had used in my back yard (I used turf builder instead; woe is me). Planting grass seed can be a more economical way to start a lawn or restore your existing landscape. This seed germinates in 7-10 days. Wow! this product is amazing… it says it will sprout in 14 days, and it does,maybe even sooner..beautiful grass. Growth in 2 weeks, I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass seed and none has been even close to this stuff. Edit review at the end. Not sure how it’ll be, but it did sprout. Grew fast and is sturdy enough to withstand the flock. I still would recommend this for those who need a temporary fix. I searched around and finally decided to purchase this lawn because ot the reviews. I have a beautiful green grass growing!!! I had even planted st augustine plugs into the ground that just didnt take off un the same spot. This stuff is great. Great grass seed. a new seeding fertilizer that is high in phosphorus at this time as well. ), two assumed the shady nook would take longer to grow in. At wilko we have all the colours of the rainbow to help satisfy your garden style. Got this 2 months ago and am seeing grass coming up everywhere I seeded. most likely wont buy again anytime soon. I mainly planted this where I was missing grass, but also plan to sprinkle throughout the lawn. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. A week after planting and the grass is tall…. This made my grass grow quickly! and the temperature of the air stays consistently warm. I mean within seven days grass began to grow, it was simply the best. For the price you can’t go wrong. I couldn’t believe that something that I planted and attempted to grow, actually grew — and it grew very quickly. I used this last year and loved it.. since i have moved things around in my garden. “Jonathan Green Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil” I have tried so many brands and mixtures of grass ... Best grass ever trust me! This grass is fairly thin so I recommend keeping it cut more on the lower side so you won’t have to deal with the grass laying over as much whenever you walk on it or roll over it with the lawn mower. This is a good product for fast grass to over seed an existing yard. I purchased two more bags due to my satisfaction. I have no idea how it would have worked had I followed the instructions and used the other two products they mentioned plus cultivated the area before applying. I do very little to no watering and it’s doing very well. You must make sure seeds are lightly covered, water religiously and fertilize. grows grass faster than other similar products. This stuff does grow fast as the name implies. Grows very fast in places I never would expect. Steroids seed. However, the rest of them had such amazing grass! I like the Jonathan Green grass seed mix. This grass seed is AMAZING it was up in a week and needs to be mowed at least twice a week. I kept the soil moist. I didnt think it was actually going to grow. Germinates swiftly, comes up strong, and fills in well over time. That being said it works great, thus the reason I bought 12 bags. You need to water, water, and water some more especially if you live in the warmer climates or if planting in the summer. FASTEST GROWING GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! This stuff is amazing we completely tilled the area didn’t add any store bought soil and layed the seed. Will buy again! Great seed and we live in area 9. I am updating my review. Ordering more! It took within days and has stayed green through our mild, Texas winter. For the price you can’t beet it. Three weeks later I have a pretty nice looking lawn going in the front yard and virtually nothing in the back yard. For a pH below 6.2 use Jonathan Green, to rapidly increase pH. Very slow growth. Great for small areas that need over seeding. I’m on my second attempt now – over seeded this time hope it’s going to grow everywhere. I had bought Scott’s patch and it was useless. Now, what remains to be seen is how long the lawn will last. Yes, this product really works my yard is the best in the neighborhood. In one week we had a lawn! It fries when it’s too hot. Nothing but weeds grow in my backyard, it is all fill dirt unfortunately and the previous tenants allowed their animals and all the animals in the neighborhood to use it as a litter box. Weed control, with Trimec technology, use to control 200 + broadleaf weeds. So if you live in a warm or transitional climate zone and will be growing a warm-season grass (e.g., Bermuda), consider overseeding it with a cool-season grass like Ryegrass. A guide to success! Partly our fault for not knowing the type of grass that was planted before. I even planted some when it was below freezing outside and it still came up. With frequent watering and patience, I grew a decent patch in a storm damaged area of my yard, about 150 sq ft with a 3 lb bag. Bermuda grass seeds germinate in 10 to 30 days and form a dense, dark green … I have a large dead spot in my front yard that just does not grow grass. What title should be displayed with your review? Looking forward to seeing how this grass holds up. This product grows fast and THICK, I love it. Once the season is over I will be buying this product again. Happy customer in WV. there was already grass beneath. Highly Recommend this type. We finally have a beautiful lawn with minimal work or financial investment. It worked so well my wife asked me to buy more and get the spots I missed the first time I did it. I did a test patch of 1 ft by 1ft and began to see results after 4 days. I would have never bought this, but it is too late now, and I’ll just have to use a different type in the fall. It has been a month now and I have grass in this area. I ordered it again. About half took to seed with daily watering. Wow–grows like it promises! I didn’t know this either. Working really well in all areas, sun or shade. Not all planted have to wait until spring when it starts to grow. Thank you Jonathan Green. This grass seed works! We had mud and now at least we have patches of grass. Continue watering regularly for a few weeks until the grass plants reach a height of 2 – 2.5 inches. Best seed I have every bought. Good color. Also be ready to re install it next year! Plant grass seed and enjoy a new lawn In many gardens, the lawn is a vital balancing element, the perfect backdrop to the more colourful flowering parts of the garden. Only thing..the birds love it too..but that is the story with most seed. Get for fill in. I used the seed more as patch work as I filled ‘holes/crevices’ in my yard with dirt and then laid seed on top of it. Its growing in the shade too. prepped the lawn laid the seed put ... really does grow super fast. Brown is now green after 6 days. Put seed over fertilizer and soil blend and watered. It looks great. It is just amazing. My husband and I, both, are very pleased with this grass and it is not as expensive as those advertised more than this one. I extensively tilled the soil in this area and put in top soil in hopes of rejuvenating this soil so the grass would take hold, so far no positive results from this seed. Product grows extremely fast,thick and lush. Definitely should use a spreader when putting the seeds down. Seed and Feed. So I tried to put grass but money is/was tight for me to buy soil and grass sods. Luckily, when I put this down, we were having some cold snaps and yet the grass began to grow. Impressive, i wanted a fast growing seed. I poured this on the ground during a few days of rain on a monday and by saturday there was already grass an inch high! Showing 21 products Sort by Most relevant Price (Low to high) Price (High to low) Product … Will give an update if it withstands the kids playing on it, or if any weeds come up with it. It’s one week and a day later…and I had to mow the lawn already! I will be getting more to do another sowing for fall. Truly grew fast, and now starting to fill in more/look lush. Spent lots of money at Lowe’s for grass seed that never grew. The grass didn’t match exactly, but it looks SO much better than before. Works just as advertised. Again, if the grass will grow for me, it will surely grow for you. I am going to buy some more and finish my yard… Thank you Jonathon Green and Sons for a great product Plan to overseer my entire lawn with this product next spring! It’s a different color than the rest of the lawn but it worked fine to fix a huge dead area. For the best results, follow the directions below for establishing a new lawn or overseeding an existing one. Every October I use Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix (3 Pounds) and a local fertilizer..and the results are amazing!! Great results in a couple weeks with little more than basic care. In any case, I’ve had four weeks to grow a new lawn from subsoil to serious foot traffic. 00.08% Other Matter. Overall a great Product! Just plant the grass. Not really disappointed considering that I expected it to happen and doesn’t look too bad since it’s blending in with a with some green grass. Grows in VERY green though and very quickly with minimal effort. After 3 weeks i’ve got lots of grass growing. This was awesome. It was very quick too! Within two weeks my lawn started looking better. The grass grows fast and it really bonds to the dirt!!! Grass seed germination can start as quickly as 5-10 days while some take up to a month to grow, so it will vary depending on many factors. It’s still sitting on my shelf (two bags) in my utility room. I have too say I’m a transplanted southerner too New england and little experience with lawns up here .. Seeds grew pretty fast and filled in bare spots that were eaten by bugs. I didn’t aerate, cover it with soil, or actively water it, but just figured I’d toss it down and on the off-chance that some grew after 4-6 weeks, great. We overseedded with it and the grass is sooo thick. Great product, fast growing, when we can keep the chickens out of it! All I can say is I’ve used many custom blend and several larger fertilizer companies so call best seeds over the last 45 yrs and this Jonathan Green Fast grow is the best I’ve ever used . Within a week I had 3″ grass. I just over seeded a few area last Friday and today I see little green fuzz popping up all over those bare area .. I’m sold I also had my son in law too ask me about a good seed I sent him the link he is still in the south so I’m guessing it will just come up faster then in this cold area . I did a test run in a small pot and the seeds started growing within 1 week. Would buy from this company again. All I did was rake the dead grass away, put the seed down, put some top soil on top of the seed, threw a litter straw on top of the top soil and water twice daily. I used to seed an area where a water line leak was repaired. Will buy again…, This grass seed comes up like wild fire ……nice and hearty and nicely colored . The label says its good for this area. Fortunately, fast-growing grass seed can go from seed to turf in as little as five weeks—an advantage when seeding bare soil or reseeding patches left by erosion or pets. Compré dudando, pero el producto es ESPECTACULAR. Something to note though, it grows very fast. Sprouted really fast (within 5 days) so we didn’t lose a lot of seed in the 10 extra inches of rain that fell…. Woke up ready to see my black soil backyard as usual, but after just 3 or 4 days of application, I had to do a double take as the lawn was green! Had little luck with Scotts and other seed products from the big box hardware stores, so tried these to patch some bare spots this spring. A landscaper friend had once told me with grass seed, more is more and to leave allowances for birds, bad seed, and other things so I did. I used this and the dense shade for some areas under trees that are hard to keep up grass in so that I would have both quick coverage from the fast grow and the long term hearty grass from the shade seed. It grows quickly and is a really vivid green. GROWS 3x faster than my older grass. Honestly – Shocked at how well this worked. The New Mexico sun and dryness won again. Exactly as promised. There is baby grass.. so it will be a just a tad bit longer before I see the final results! I use this product because it really grows fast. I laid it down heavy to choke out the weeds.. COLORADO: 6 DAYS TO GROWTH – THEN REALLY THICK. Make sure the mower has sharp blades. Grew fast and full. I puchased this seed to “fill in” areas in my yard where I had removed weeds (dandelions and another broad leaf weed). easy to use didn’t find any thing negative, I honestly wasn’t sure if my yard would even grow grass as it was nothing but sandy dirt when we bought the place, because of that I started off with 2 bags to see what would happen. Lawns grown from Fast Grow can be overseeded with any Black Beauty® Grass Seed Mixture to establish a thick, beautiful lawn that will persist for years to come. Threw this down with some top soil , potting soil mixed with couples rain storms this stuff just pop right up ! With twice daily watering we now have extremely thick grass where there was none at all…. Tempe, Arizona. Next year I plan to mix this and the Ultra in a bucket and distribute around the yard – this will give me a quick boost right away and the Ultra can take its time growing. Within a few weeks the grass was thick and lush! I used it with scott’s patchmaster as I was filling in patches and it grew up beautifully. It is also very weak; gets easily damaged when raking and when walking on grass, it doesn’t stand back up easily. Grass is already starting to die. Oh, and I only used half a bag. So used the 3 products together – One, to get the grass to grow quickly ( Came in 2 weeks? It grows quickly and looks wonderful! This seed is great. I would buy it again. This is really a fast germinating seed mix, A Thumbs Up Review for Jonathan Green Grass Seed, Good seed for small backyard or patch areas, this is the best grasssed ive ever bought, Jonathan Green Fast grow seeds. Planting seeds to create colourful blooms, and growing produce for autumnal feasts can help you cut costs … I mean even the sod I put don’t two years ago never took well and didn’t return. So this growth was in 2 weeks time approx 4 weeks after seeding. this product, is great its true my back yard never looked so nice so green and it does grow fast, and where theres never been any grass recommend so happy with it . I covered it with a sheet of weed block for a day during a heavy rain storm the night before and when I removed it I was shocked (thrilled!)

I Had An Intuition, Love At The Christmas Table 2, Varane Fifa 21, Irish Puffin Bird, Taverna Palo Alto Menu, Iu Library Portal, Cboe Gold Volatility Index, Dartmouth Nba Players,

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