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Strengthening Collective Effort in North-East India

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Programme Title: Strengthening Collective Efforts in North-East India (SCENEI)
Duration: 2005 – 2014
Supported by – Centre for Social Development (CSD), Imphal
Key Activities Undertaken

  1. Training on Climate Change Adaptation, Human Rights, Gender Mainstreaming, Globalisation, Neo-Liberalisation etc.
  2. Capacity building workshop on Peace building and Conflict transformation
  3. Campaign on Dams, Human Rights, Violence Against Women etc.
  4. Seminar and convention on the issue of indigenous people
  5. Initiation of study and documentation on environmental and human rights issue.


  1. NEADS have able to promote 3 numbers of local POs with membership of about 2630 including 2070 females and 560 males
  2. Developed strong working relationship with 4 numbers of existing state level POs with total membership of more than 85,000 including more than 25,000 males and about 65,000 females
  3. Promoted 33 numbers of SHG with total membership of 443 including 423 females and 20 males
  4. Promoted 3 SHGs Federation with total membership of 486 including 423 females and 63 males
  5. Promoted 1 farmer club with total membership of 40 including 21 females and 19 males
  6. Promoted 3 food banks with total membership of 193 including 144 females and 49 males.