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Humanitarian Response & Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)

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The eastern part of Brahmaputra river basin represents a severe floodplain area in the state of Assam. The southern valley is highly prone to water induced hazards such as flood, flash flood, river bank erosion and land degradation. The districts of Upper Assam region represents many severe flood-prone areas where river Brahmaputra and its tributary rivers are comparatively high and have deep channels right from the upper hills of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Due to heavy downpour and dynamic rainfall in the catchment area, the river get charged with enormous quantity of silt and in their run off the river alter the condition of flow and sometime changes the river courses causing untold miseries to the people living in the downstream riverine areas. Flood and river bank erosion affect all aspects of the land, lives, and livelihood of the communities living in the region to a significant degree, rendering them homeless and displaced, destroying crops, damaging public property, and worsening development infrastructure. Moreover, annual cycles of flooding cripple people’s resilience and intensify the poverty spiral. The floodplain pockets are most backward, poorest and almost entirely isolated and inhabited by different people groups including the Assamese, Mising (Tribals), Fisherman community etc.